by Krejad

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Some notes:

You may have to turn your speakers up. This album was produced in a way that attempts to maintain dynamic range, rather than be as loud as possible.

These recordings were made at home, on a very limited setup. Any 'lo-fi'-type vibe is a byproduct rather than a purely aesthetic decision or a botched mix (though the latter two conclusions are valid to some extent); regardless, they are valid sonic and emotional representations of each of these songs, "warts and all".


released October 7, 2012



all rights reserved


Krejad Springfield, Missouri

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Track Name: Aging Shadows
I can't see a way through the fog in my eyes
Would you take my hand and show me
But you can't feel me through the mist
And I can't live with my own dead skin

A twenty-something with all of nothing
But a shadow to hide behind
Time embraces those all around
While the flies surround me
And nothing will be left behind
But aging shadows of the times
Track Name: Circus of the Crippled Dog
Come on down
And see the divide
The spider that never hides
The crippled dog that never whines
Delighted to have you at the show
The only thing that you'll remember when you get old

Fee for seats, see the feats
The rope that's a hundred feet high
The legendary dead-man's dive
Lines are backed up into the streets
Bird on a wire, he's the prestige

Remember me
Do you know my name
Or is it all in vain?

The trick was played
The hands, they clapped
Took the best dive we'll ever see
The roses, they came falling
Praise the band before they go
Grandiose and unforgettable

We don't know why
No need to try
Enjoy the reruns
Keep him in mind
His muddy eyes
The things he ate
His spot in the hall
His box of clothes

Remember me
Track Name: Sentimentia
Thrown into another routine cage
Locked away from day to day
Got to find where my mind has left me
Got to find a place where I belong

Coming down to another plane
To try and find a point to it all
Looking for another light
To show me the way back home

I've got to hand it to you
You've got no reason to give in

Running away from now to then
I've lost my friends and I've lost my way
Got to find where I'm going to land
Got to find where I'm going from here

Spinning 'round in circles again
Trying to keep my mind in place
Looking for another road
To show me the way back home

I've got to pay you some mind
You've got your back to the cage
Track Name: Oasis in the Sandhills
Now the day is done
And all that should have, could never be said again
One moment in a mirrored smile
One moment of life in your eyes
From before I could have said goodbye

And now the nights are cold
For you I stand waiting to start again
Five years lost in the desert
Five years stranded in the sand
The summer of a girl that was born to fly

And now the day is done
I couldn't know why
Track Name: Acid Tunnel
Drowned in delusions of the orderly life
Keep your eyes deep in the underground
Hiding in the sewers underneath the earth
Melt their sins to never again be found

Downtrodden allusions to the teenage strife
Stubborn disillusion and discord
He waits for you in the alleyway
To take away the ones he's working for

Will you find heaven?
Track Name: Corpus Cavernosa
I met her on a winter's day
An ethereal allure
She warmed me with her sweet summer smile

We spent the days in each other's flame
With yours you shared
Another lover, another liar uncovered

She took him on a heavy night
And the weight of the sky came down
As he loved her from within

The spectress has a brand new slave
And I've been left behind
I wish you would have gotten a clue
How much I could have loved you

He laid her and then staked his claim
For his newest piece of meat
As she closed her eyes and quivered

Left behind for greed
How can you ever live your life
When you know, when you know

If I'm good for anything
It's worth nothing at all
But for you to watch me fall
Track Name: Pretty Vermin
I'm the sun that lights your way
Far from the darkest night's shade
I'll never lead you astray
I swear on the rest of my days
I'm the sun that lights your way
I swear on the rest of my days

I'm the ground on which you tread
I'm the bloodstains on your bed
I'm the ice splitting through your head
I'm the one who will leave you for dead

I'm the waves washed on your shore
To hold you and keep you warm
And when you can take no more
I swear I'll chill your very core
I'm the waves washed on your shore
I swear I'll chill your very core

I'm the shadow by your side
I'm the one who answers your cries
I'm the snake swimming through your eyes
I'm the one who digs deep inside

I'll be your only one tonight
Who ever thought it would turn around to end this way
And in the dead of the moonlight
I'll be your only one tonight
Track Name: Splinters
Then, gone like a dream
The memory's no longer near
October's wind gets a little bit colder
For the ruin's beholder

Now, the splinters dig too deep to see
And your sedated eyes show no fear
Autumn's son gets a little bit older
He's grown a little bolder

Take down your guard, show me a smile
Let me know you're still around
Track Name: Tyranny Blues
Death in white please spare my pride
It longs for worlds unseen
For I have done your dirty work
And still you get off clean

Men in blue please spare the peace
Tranquility's running dry
Depressed, oppressed, under unrest
True judgment's been defied

I'm dying to live free
Not your burden, your disease
I'm fighting for my peace
I'm fighting for a release
Track Name: Swan Days
If I could see that you could never stay here
Patiently, I'd learn to carry on
But I don't know where to go when I'm left alone
If we could I'd love to meet again and
If words failed me I know you'd understand
But I know I'll move on to another dawn
Will I see you there?
Track Name: Undercloud
Long from home and close to me
And one step from the fall
Into the end of what we know
Nothing is enough for you here

Until now I thought I'd known
How it feels to be here
Turning from glassy eyes
Is never the best disguise

Again and again and again
I've thought it for myself
Under clouded head
But what's dark for me today
Could not be brighter if I fled

Now you're long from home
A long way from hope

If you're caught underneath the waves
There's always another shore
And if you're stuck under someone's cloud
Maybe the sun will shine again