Three Worlds

by Krejad

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released March 6, 2016

All songs and performances by Clinton Houseman
Produced by Clinton Houseman
Artwork by Brooke Austen
Design and Layout by Ryan Wallace



all rights reserved


Krejad Springfield, Missouri

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Track Name: A Third View
A papyrus mountain balancing scattered skies
Hollow moon blind by its own silver light
The wind howled a deep freeze, draped over me

He stood stretched to the stars
Gliding weightless on the wind
Carrying a thousand banshee cries

He told me I've always hovered between
There is no harbor, only the sea
The white light, the black abyss
You only drown if you sail heedless

He said,
"Don't fear the day the sea runs dry
With not a lasting word to write
Don't be afraid to lose your path
When all roads lead you home
Don't fear losing it all
What is life if it's all in your mind"

Rise to find only myself, the earth, the sky
But what is above but a paper moon
And what is below has crumbled to dirt
And what is life when the mind has gone
Track Name: The Gulch
How long must we wait
How long until I crawl out and create my own world

Where can I run
Where will I go when the water falls down the canyon walls

Only fear lives outside
There is no safer haven to find
Hiding deeper inside
Orbiting a circular frame of mind

How will I know when I'm there
When I don't know where 'here' is?
Who will I call on
When I don't know who I am?

I see, I hear, I feel
But how do I know when it's real?
Track Name: Becoming
The earth wakes for only me
With a pill for every disease
Another slave for another day
Painting skies ten shades of grey
You're becoming something you're not

In a made-up town he's only begun
Selling a bargain-bin opinion
Ego sleeps on pins and needles
Collapsed veins and tired circles
You're becoming something you're not

Empty bottles in an empty room
Empty stares as we make our tomb
Lonely child the years forgot
A bitter man left to rot
You're becoming something you're not
Track Name: Mexican Moon
Wildflowers bloom in fleeting light
Then return to earth again
Just as the day you left
My peaceful mind surrendered to the din

Endless smolder, summer nights
Lying across the highway moan
Crickets singing a midnight waltz

So I wait outside the halls
Stumbling over thoughts I haven't even said
Maybe someday I will follow that road
Maybe someday things will change
Until then I can wait
But whatever you do, please don't leave again

Ten past four and I can't take any more
While the night drags on and still I wait
The Mexican moon still softly glows
As it does through my window
Track Name: Fairweather Drift
It's been ten years, you told me
'I can't take it, I've got to get away'
'Today we leave this cold, dead town behind
To no twisted roots can I be tied'
As the circle got higher
As the fear fell lighter
We began again

We took a drive to the beaten coast
Took in that fifty year lonesome ghost
Only the breeze carried you away
Always roaming but to never find the stage
As the lines dig deeper
And the years slip further
We began again
Track Name: Silver Cord
There's a place I call home
I can't see it but I know it well
And I can tell it's going to be a long, long time before they drive me out

There's a place called heaven
They can't see it but they know it well
And they tell me it's going to be a long, long time before I make it out of hell
Track Name: Isra
Let this night last forever
My only friend and only lover
Into a room that is all for her
Come sunrise, we run for cover

Snakebite talons down my back
Poison lashes across my neck
Still I'd never leave if I could
Stay a silk shackled living wreck

I'll follow wherever you want me
Within a dream that's not to be
Then what will I become,
And what will you become to me?

Bury my eyes in the sand
A thousand feet deep
We'll never find the light again
In the Rite of the Moon I will see
Your descent
Track Name: Three Worlds
Three worlds apart, above the dust
And the dirt on which I walk
Three worlds painted in the dark

Three worlds divide the space
Between reason and rhyme
Three worlds beyond the collapse and climb

In years past, I traveled
Through the times we were apart
I never got to where I was headed
I never made it back to start
The worlds around my thoughts
Fed my wanderlust
I took the road ahead
But will never shake the loss

The years become weeks
The hours become days
Worlds have vanished
The towers decayed
We all want to go back
From where we began
But things have never gone
As we planned

Three worlds I can feel
Warm my heart from the cold
Three worlds to never hold

Three worlds orbit my thoughts
In waves until I'm dead
Three worlds color the skies ahead